our philosophy

we believe macroeconomic shifts are the primary drivers of markets over the medium term. by systematically understanding these shifts, we strive to predict changes in asset prices across global rates, credit, currencies, and equities.

our goals


to generated returns that are uncorrelated to traditional benchmarks


to serve as a macroeconomic thought partner to investors and the community


to challenge convention and encourage positive change in our industry

our team

combining the brightest minds from diverse academic and professional fields to question assumptions and tackle big challenges in innovative ways
  • Emma Dinsmore
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Ankur Patel
    Chief Investment Officer
  • Jeff Tolbert
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Kali McNutt
    Director of Marketing and Client Services
  • John Matthews
    Trading Analyst
  • Geoffrey Bostany
    Research Analyst
  • Tia Davis
    Management Associate
  • Peter Johnsen
    Data Scientist
  • Meredith Persico
    Research Analyst
  • Ben Atnipp
    Trading Analyst
  • Julian van der Made
    Data Scientist

our latest research

  • Sweden Goes More Negative
    Emma Dinsmore
    February 12, 2016
    In the latest shot in the global easing war, the Swedish Riksbank unexpectedly cut rates from -0.35% to -0.50%...
  • Dovish Yellen Highlights Downside Risks
    Emma Dinsmore
    February 11, 2016
    In her testimony yesterday, Fed Chair Janet Yellen highlighted increased downside risks to the U.S. economic outlook, suggesting that...
  • Credit Leads Global Sell-Off
    Emma Dinsmore
    February 9, 2016
    An unexpected blowout in credit spreads in Europe led to a global risk sell-off yesterday as investors debate the...
  • NFP Sets Stage for Fed
    Emma Dinsmore
    February 8, 2016
    All eyes turn to this week's Humphrey-Hawkins hearing after Friday's mixed payroll report caused investors to question the Federal...
  • Russia Struggles Amid Oil Downturn
    Meredith Persico
    February 3, 2016
    With its economy hostage to the oil outlook, Russia may focus its attention on foreign policy. How is the Russian...
  • RBA Tempers Domestic Strength
    Meredith Persico
    February 2, 2016
    A dovish Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) minimizes domestic strength to compete with its peers. How has the Australian economy improved? Steady growth....
  • Oil Rumors Drive Volatility
    Meredith Persico
    January 31, 2016
    Global policy hinges on the volatile outlook for oil. What happened last week? Oil rally. Leaked comments out of OPEC and Russia fueled...
  • Japan Goes Negative
    Emma Dinsmore
    January 29, 2016
    In a close call, the Bank of Japan (BoJ) voted to push its deposit rate into negative territory after three years of aggressive...

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