Fed Effectively Communicates

The Fed effectively communicates a forthcoming rate hike without derailing risk sentiment in September. What happened? Divided Fed. Amidst growing inflation pressures and waning external risks, three members of the FOMC voted for a rate hike in September. ..

Fed and BoJ Dominate Week Ahead

The Federal Reserve and Bank of Japan's September policy meetings will shape markets this week. U.S. The Fed meets on Wednesday following mixed economic indicators in August. Supporting the case for rate normalization, August core consumer ..

Oil Oversupply Continues

The global oil glut will likely continue, complicating Fed policy and prompting cooperation among producers. What is happening in oil? Enduring oversupply. As projected by the International Energy Agency (IEA), oil supply will continue to outpace demand ..

China’s FTZ Balancing Act

The Chinese government balances globalization with maintaining economic control. How has policy changed? Trade zone expansion. The Chinese government has added seven inland provinces to its Free Trade Zone (FTZ) program. The new, strategically located provinces will capitalize on regional-specific ..

Policy Inaction Thwarts Market Rally

Disappointments in European monetary policy thwart market optimism heading into the week. Eurozone. Over the past several months, expectations for central bank easing have curbed market volatility. In particular, expectations that the ECB would cushion slowing economic ..

RBA Hesitation Highlights Global Disinflation

The Reserve Bank of Australia's decision to retain policy highlights the uncertain outlook for developed market inflation. What did the Reserve Bank of Australia do? Maintains rates. In the wake of two cuts this year, the RBA maintained interest ..